Friday, December 28, 2012

Party @ Selina's place

There was a Christmas hot pot party at Selina's place. Strawberry also was invited. 

Strawberry is checking here and there.
We had to turn the fireplace off as I was worried. It's possible that Strawberry walks into it, as she likes warm places so much. (I don't even want to think about it!)

Selina's home was beautifully decorated. So festive!

Look at these beautiful tea setting. (She even put the signs :) 

 Strawberry seemed nervous, and started to slide her butt on the floor... :(
So I put her in the bag, with her hot pack. She usually stays comfortable in her bag. 

Time to eat... there was so much food!

Selina prepared chicken broth and meat, and Connie brought wontons and vegetable, etc. My contribution was rice cake. 
We ate and talked, talked and ate, for hours. We took a brake in the middle, and even then we had sweet stuff - assorted rice cakes and chips, etc.

Tuffie checks on Strawberry from time to time. However, both dogs are much more interested in food. 
They were most excited when we shared some Korean pear.

Tuffie is so gentle - he looked so uncomfortable on Connie's lap, but just stayed there... then dozed off. 

After the huge (and long) meal, we had American ginseng tea that Connie brought. She said that after the "hot" pot, we need to drink something "cold", Ying Yang. 
I like Chinese philosophy of Ying Yang. Very interesting. There is a similar concept in Korea "Um & Yang." It is symbolized (Taegeuk) and displayed on South Korea's National flag.

I had such a great time, and I believe Strawberry and Tuffie enjoyed too. (Especially when they had the pear.) Thank you very much Selina and Connie, I will look for a recipe for my new pot and invite you over soon! :)

Selina's range hood was so clean, so I was inspired. This morning, I cleaned my hood - took me almost two hours to scrub the grease. Now it's not perfect, but in okay condition. From now on, I will wipe it very often - no more big clean-up!

Even though I am very proud of it, sorry no before and after picture. You don't want to see it. :p

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