Tuesday, December 25, 2012

(Almost) Year End, Sunday

Last Sunday, On and Shane invited us for lunch.  

Onjana prepared (with Shane's help! :) these great dishes.
Turkey tofu balls, spinach salad, salted mushrooms.
There also was kidney bean tuna soup, which was very satisfying. 

We enjoyed the food very much, and talked a lot.

Flavourful mulled wine for dessert.  

On has the cutest dinnerwares. So playful.

Vegan soy chocolate mousse. Couldn't taste any soy - just perfect chocolate taste.
And ginger cookies- yum!

Pique seemed to be a bit nervous about us. Sorry Pique... (but she managed to get the treat out of her box finally. :)

Back home, Strawberry sleeps in a weird position. 

Half on her cushion, half out. Maybe it's time for a new cushion...?
(She knows that Boxing Day comes soon...)

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