Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knitting Club

Connie, Selina and I have been talking about the knitting club for a while, and finally, Connie organized our first gathering at her place last Saturday.

Of course, we are not only knitting- :D
Selina brought dimsums and I brought Korean rice cakes.
Connie made this hearty vegetable congee. 
She omitted the chicken stock as we were expecting a vegetarian friend.
Here's Connie's project - for soon to be born nephew. 
She picked a rather difficult project for a beginner, but it came out great.
Selina's projects (there are a lot more in the back!)
They are very cute. I will try some of her patterns with different yarns. 
Selina finished Tuffie's sweater on that day.
(Nancy's projects on the floor.. sorry it's not very clear.)
Very very cute!
Strawberry stayed in her bag most of the time. 
She barked a bit (yes, we ladies had lots to talk about so she couldn't sleep quietly.) but behaved. Good girl.
Connie also prepared this cute afternoon tea. Nancy brought Persian walnut cookies.
Beautiful tea cups Connie found at a second hand store.
After our tea time, Tuffie and Strawberry also had treat (I brought boiled egg for them), and again, sleeping in blanket.

We knitted and laughed a lot. It was such a fun time. Thank you Connie for preparing all these. 

This is Japanese natto that Connie gave to me. She bought it but didn't like the smell.

I am not good with smelly food either, but with some reason, natto doesn't really bother me. 
It is good on hot rice with kimchi and Korean grilled seaweed. 

As I was inspired by Connie's beautiful teacups, I stopped by my neighborhood second hand store on the way home, and found an at least 25 years old teapot/tea kettle.

Such a good condition considering its age. And so cute! 
I have to take good care though as it's an enamel coated metal kettle. I once had it and it was rusted as I didn't know how to handle it properly.


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