Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Powell Street Festival

Again, it was a hot day. Though we decided to go to the Powell Street Festival.

Although we went early, there were lots of people in front of the food section.

So cute! Girls in Japanese traditional dress.

This gentleman was solemnly putting sticks into the corns.

Steaming corns.


Takoyakis were very popular - long lineup.


Grilling mochis.

Hiyashi Zenzai. It was not that "hiyashi"(cold) though.


Aikido demonstration.

Craft sales booths.

Spoiled Strawberry was eating food that people dropped so we had to put her in the carrier. People wanted to take her pictures so Kay had to say yes.

Saying hi to a friend.

Shaving the ice.

Sno cone.

Grilling salmon on fire logs. (On that hot day!)

Okonomiyaki and yakidori.

Couldn't try everything but had lots of fun. Will go again next year. :)


On said...

really great pictures --it looked really fun. I like especially the shaved ice!

Strawberry looks really cute in her holder!

ana said...

Calico: Thanks! It was a hot day, so the shaved ice was even more refreshing.