Saturday, August 1, 2009

dakjuk - chicken porridge

Iyeolchiyeol. This means "Fight fire with fire."
Korean people tend to eat hot food especially on a very hot day. According to Korean medicine, hot food helps to release body heat.

So I made some dakjuk.
I used a tiny whole chicken. Removed skin and fat, and boiled in water with about 10 cloves of garlic and few astragalus roots. For small chicken, thirty minutes is enough to be fully cooked. Astragalus is also known as a good ingredient for coping with the hot weather.
After the chicken is fully cooked, take the chicken out of the pot and tear the meat into small pieces. Throw the bones and astragalus roots away, and put the meat back to the pot. Boil again with a bowl of cooked rice. After about 15 minutes, it becomes a great comfort dish.

Unfortunately Kay doesn't like any kind of porridge. So only I and Strawberry enjoyed it. I didn't put any salt while I was cooking as I was going to give it to Strawberry as well. You can add some salt and pepper when you eat.

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