Saturday, August 22, 2009

venus flytrap

I saw this "a bit scary" plant at Safeway. After debating, I decided to buy one as I have found few fruit flies in my place. (I don't really mind, though hate seeing those drowned in Strawberry's water bowl.)

I looked for some growing tips, and found out the plant will be hibernating over the winter. Amazing.

So far, it has trapped one fruit fly and a big one. (I don't know how the big fly came in to my place - I always keep my screen shut. Did the plant attract it?) It is very weird feeling to see a carnivore plant working in front of me. I don't dare touch it with my bare hand.


On said...

that's so cool. I've never seen these at Safeway. Can it survive without eating flies?

I think I had one as a kid--I may have fed it raw chicken or something....anyway, like most of my plants, it died.

ana said...

Calico: we found at one besides our place. I have no idea if it will survive only with water. I hoped it to catch the fruit flies, though it seems to ignore little ones. I may have to catch flies myself and feed it. (should I?)