Friday, August 14, 2009

bengal spice tea

Hope this is not the end of summer, though I am enjoying some fresh raindrops these days. For this kind of weather, the first thing I can think is a cup of tea. (and coffee, of course!) I drink home brewed cappuccino with two shots of espresso in the morning, so I try to avoid caffeine in the afternoon.

This is the tea I love these days. Kim introduced it to me.

It is caffeine free, tastes sweet from cinnamon and carob, spicy from ginger and black pepper. Subtle vanilla flavour as well. A bit of milk makes it a perfect decaffeinated chai. Very yummy, you should try it.


Ange Friesen said...

I love this tea.

ana said...

Ange: Do you too? We have to get together for a cup of tea soon. Hope before you leave.