Friday, July 25, 2008

Once a Month

The Three-Hourly Starch Diet (p. 223-230)

"A drop in blood sugar causes a release of adrenaline, which automatically moves sugar from cells into the blood, raising the blood sugar level. This is one of Nature's clever tricks to ensure that out blood sugar remains within optimum limits at all times. All cells contain sugar, and if sugar goes into the blood, water replaces it and enters the cell. The cells swell up, causing a feeling of bloatedness, and later, weight gain. Furthermore, adrenaline is the hormone of "fight, flight, and fright" and therefor contributes to the tension that PMS patients experience.
... a discovery which again emphasizes the need for women with PMS to eat smaller amounts at any one time, but to eat more often... every three hours."

"Divide the day's starchy food so that you eat small starchy snacks every three hours during the waking hours and within one hour of waking and retiring to bed. Meantime, continue with a healthy diet with adequate protein and plenty of fruit and vegetables."

Dalton, Katharina. Once a Month. Hunter House, 1999.

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