Thursday, July 17, 2008


"oi" means cucumber in Korean. And "ji" means pickle.
This is one of very simple Korean pickle recipes. 

1. Wash Korean cucumbers.
2. Boil water with lots of sea salt. (According to my dad, you should say "ouch" after you taste it.)
3. Pour hot salted water over cucumbers. (Make sure cucumbers are sunk under water. You can use washed stones to press cucumbers. I used a bowl and closed the lid.)
4. Put aside for about a week and if you see white bubbles over the water, keep in refrigerator.
5. When you eat, slice and soak in water. Add ice cubes and a bit of sliced green chili.

Wow, super crispy. I loved it. 
* I added basil-ice I made few days ago. (Just place bit of basil leaf in ice tray and make ice.) 

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