Thursday, July 10, 2008

kong guksu

Today's my lunch was kong guksu (bean noodle).

Kong guksu is one of summer Korean dishes.
You can make it with either soybeans or black beans.

It is one of my favorites but Kay can't eat because his stomach doesn't agree with it.
On our first date, I wanted to eat kong guksu. I wonder why, but Kay didn't tell me that he can't eat it. So he had hard time after the meal. (I thought it was cute, but...)
Kay is at work today, so I decided to make it for myself.

How to make:

Soak beans in water for more than 7 hours, then boil them (for about 10 minutes).
Blender beans, water (from boiling), and some ice cubes. Strain this through a sieve.
Cook noodle, cool with cold water.

Place noodle in a bowl, then pour the cold soup on it.
Garnish with sliced cucumber and ice cubes. (I didn't have cucumber so used tomato instead.)
Add salt as needed. (Don't add salt in advance. That will make soup sloppy.)

With the dreg, you can make hot pot or hot cake.

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