Monday, July 7, 2008


It was beautiful day today, so I decided to sweep my balcony.
I also replanted basil I got yesterday, and sansevieria into the bigger pots.

When Strawberry looks down, I get really scared... Maybe I don't trust her enough.

Every time Strawberry watches animals in TV, she always growls. It's so funny.
She growls at animals in animations as well. Maybe she is much smarter than I think.

Even though she is that smart, she was not perfect today; her hair was untidy and smelly.
So I let her stand on newspaper and cut her hair, then I washed her.
She was such a good girl.
Right after I finished, she knew that it was time for treat.

Then we went for a walk. A dog rushed out and said hello to Strawberry.
(In fact, he was barking at us...)

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