Tuesday, June 24, 2008

naengmyeon & gimbap

Yesterday we went to have naengmyeon and gimbap. 

Naengmyeon means cold noodle. The noodle is made with buck wheat. For garnishes, you can add pickled radish and cucumber, and egg. They say egg helps to digest buck wheat noodle. 

This time I had mulnaengmyeon (water-cold noodle) which comes in soup. I usually order bibim naengmyeon (mixed-cold noodle), however, I wanted something not very spicy yesterday. 

Yum! So refreshing.

When you eat naengmyeon, you add vinegar (in red plastic bottle) and mustard. Some people add sugar as well which is in the container besides the mustard.

It will depends on the places, and the one we went has gimbap as well. We added 'bulgogi gimbap' as usual.
This is typical Korean picnic food.
On a sheet of seaweed, put cooked rice and add fried ground meat, egg, vegetables, and yellow picked radish. 

Lots of work to prepare at home, however, you can be flexible and make simple version.  


Ange Friesen said...

I can't wait... I'm so hungry.

ana said...

Any sundays and mondays except this sunday(29).
I bet you will like it. :)